From this Penang trip………

My adventure holiday
About this trip, i could said that i was happy but full of disappointment about the clealiness of Penang Island. I’m proud to be Penangite because of the attitude of Penangite (alwiz friendly..esp neighbour, ready to help each other) , food and scenery. However, i’m sad…and can say ashame is how the way people taking public properties such as telephone, bus, roads, sign boards and environment for granted.

1st: FOOD
The food in Penang..(as everyone know) is delicious. Everyone that visit Penang surely praise on the food such as laksa, cendol, ais kacang, char kuew teow and so on ( wow…… if i wanna list all… i think it’ll took me quite sometime to finish it up). Penang…is….. wonderful.

2nd: Attitude towards each other (Co-operation)
Penang…. i alwiz love it because of friendliness. Everyone in penang very friendly. To be honest, i miss my neighbour in Penang. It’s like…we’re all from a BIG family. Whenever something happen to one family, the whole neighbourhood will come out and give a hand. Or sometime, all of us especially kids…will come out and play together. Not like in KL, i can say my’s not friendly at all like wat had happen end of last year. When my house got robbed, my father asked for help. My gosh… the reply from my neighbour is..Oh..i heard. I have to go to WORK (What’s THIS?!!?!?!). Really… CIty life kinda hard to get a friendly neighbour.

3rd: Relax….. FUn
Penang is alwiz the place i think i can really relax..can take my own sweet time to do anything. Yeah..not in a rush.

1st: Dirty..
My …oh My… , Penang really i agreed what had said on the newspaper. Penang really need to be clean up and UpGrADE. Everytime i took the public bus, Oh my…. very dirty… the chair, the wall of the bus. Then on road… people just throw rubbish everywhere. My oh my… the worst part is penang river…still haven’t been clean up (eventhough there is an advertisement board said please keep penang river clean). My…. wat happen to the cleanliness of PEnang?!

2nd: Public transport
Man…eventhough the bus is full, the driver still stop at bus station to pick up more passenger. MY gosh… it’s already packed. The attitude of the driver is not good at all. Hai.. i really wish Penang public transport system can be like Spore or HK public transport system. Spore and Hk public bus… when the bus is full (seat), the driver cannot pick up anymore passengers..(no standing up). YEah… i really hope it apply to Malaysia’s public transport system.

3rd: Telephone, sign boards, and lift
Hai…… vandalism…vandalism. As you can see from my previous photo, my oh my…….. really. Lift… My oh my..the button…all being destroy..can’t even see the number. usual… totally destroy. My…. Penang… =(

One thing i noticed from this trip, Penang is full of those retiree (elderly). A lot of Kong Kong and PoPo…hardly see youngsters around my age….in the public bus or anywhere. In the bus, shoppin centre…, my..i see lots of elderly.

HOpefully, everyone can give a hand… to improve Penang Island.


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